The Locksley Button-Down Shirt

Long a staple in men's closets this American classic is reinterpreted for today's self-made man.

We take a slow and thoughtful approach to crafting our shirts.  There are over 32 components that require 50 individual steps to complete one. Every decision made is based upon fit and comfortability. We use 100% cotton with a 4.8 ounce weight as our fabric of choice. Pure cotton breathes and absorbs perspiration very well, it can also retain its color and is a long-lasting fiber able to stand up to repeated washings or dry cleanings. 

Our shirts are tailored close to the body. High armholes maintain a clean silhouette around the chest and torso and allow for better arm movement. The seams are single-needle stitch, which is a superior technique that ensures your seams are neater and more comfortable against your body.

A traditional button-down is secure with two side buttons and a third on the back. The back tail is two inches longer than the front to prevent it from pulling out of your pants as you move around.

The front placket is pleated, made the traditional way, using a two piece construction. To stand out from the pack we add a pop of personality with our signature collar tape and orange side gussets matching the label. The cuffs feature a single button for closure. We don't provide extras as we guarantee that our buttons will not break or come undone for the first year of wear.

A typical shirt of this quality and craftsmanship is priced at retail for $195.00 - $330.00