Arshia Moghaddam 

Founder of mobile app Trym,

is revolutionizing how men can get haircuts

Photography by: Scott Rockwell

Tell us about yourself?

AM: I was born in Iran and moved to the bay area at the age of eight. I moved to San Francisco and began studying marketing at San Francisco State University. These transitions at an early age have taught me to value my family’s well being, while also pursuing my goals and myself.

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

AM: My family showed me at an early stage that risk taking was not something to be afraid of. I’ve grown up around different family businesses, and have seen the sacrifices it takes to make them run successfully. Since I was a child it’s been my passion to operate a business that will have an impact, and will be as rewarding for others as it will be for myself.

Tell us about your business?

AM: It’s an app called Trym that will disrupt the men’s grooming industry. For many guys, the sweet experience of going to a barbershop has been sucked out by long waits, inconvenient commutes and the lack of great barbers. Our company provides haircuts on-demand whether you are at home, the office, or in your hotel by experienced, licensed and vetted barbers.

Why did you want to get involved in this business?

AM: My grandparents owned a barbershop in Iran, the experiences I had at that shop shaped my passion for the industry. As I got older I noticed how rare it was that men experienced joy from their grooming process, especially haircuts. They treated it as a chore. Spending the past four years in San Francisco and getting into the startup atmosphere led to the start of Trym, where we are changing an outdated process for both the customer and barber.

Have you experienced any scary moments building your company?

AM: As a graduating marketing student, it’s a huge risk to start a company with almost no money. You’re really hustling to make it happen. Getting others to see your vision so that you can build a strong team, while simultaneously building a two-sided platform that is simple and effective is no easy task. When you experience roadblocks that is when you stress the most because they can easily turn into setbacks. However I believe in order to become successful in anything and get past those setbacks you have to have the right mindset.

What are you working on right now to get it up and running?

AM: There is a lot that goes into starting a tech company, however for us it's all built around our marketplace application. Since Trym is a two-sided platform, we’re working with developers, potential customers, and barbers to create the perfect platform that solves the customer and barber pain points.

What are the pain points that you are solving with Trym?

AM: One of the main challenges that Barber’s face is that they are restricted to one specific location, which limits their customer base. We want our app to connect them to customers in a wider geographic location, and allow them to setup a schedule that works best for them. For customers we want to reduce the experience of long waits and inconvenient commutes, while also offering a bespoke experience tailored to their day-to-day schedules and grooming needs.

When is it launching?

AM: Trym is in pre-beta stage. We are working hard to build every aspect right for our users. We plan to launch our service in select districts shortly. I encourage those interested on how they can improve their grooming experience, to checkout trymapp.co for grooming tips, further updates, and beta access.

What does never settle mean to you?

AM: Never Settle represents every entrepreneur's mindset, which is the reason we decide to improve our respected industries. In order to excel and grow the never settle mindset must be a way of life. For me, this mindset has allowed me improve the male grooming industry.

What have you learned that you can share with others?

AM: There is a lot that I have learned during my time building Trym. One of the most important things is that people are what can make or break your company, and it’s important to understand what people want out of their positions or by their offerings. After you know this you can make sure that you get the most out of your team by keeping them happy.

What are the ingredients for entrepreneurship?

AM: Passion, relentlessness, time, ability to hustle and most importantly emotional intelligence.