If I listened to other people’s opinions, there would be no Rockridge. The idea that it couldn’t be done is the reason why we exist today. My love for fashion goes all the way back to my early childhood. My first influences were my father and older brother who used to collect GQ magazines in the 1980s. As I grew up, I was very aware of the one force that shaped my own personal style. Culture. To me, fashion is a cultural expression that can bring like-minded individuals together across generations, ethnicities, and geographies to create new tribes. 

The idea that it can’t be done is the reason why we exist. Sacrifice, suffering and defying the odds are the common experiences, which unite the tribe that calls themselves entrepreneurs. From this same DNA Rockridge was born.

We are a brand for those who challenge the status quo. 
We are for those who make the imagined become real. 
The ones who break new ground in exciting ways.
And create amazing stories that inspire their peers and the next generation.

    True to its entrepreneurial spirit, Rockridge is not a massive corporation, but rather, a small collective of passionate professionals committed to creating amazing product for individuals who are driven to push the world forward. No detail is too small. Nothing in the design process is insignificant. Everything is intentional and thought through

    Rockridge doesn’t just exist to make something that looks great and performs amazingly I want us to deliver an experience that’s transformational and makes people’s lives better. Good businesses are good citizens. The most effective expression of that philosophy is promoting social good. Education continues to be the most important tool that can improve a person’s life. And it has never mattered more than it does today. I attribute my own personal success to the education and mentorship I’ve received throughout my life. Which is why Rockridge supports the non-profit organization DonorsChoose.org. We are committed to donating 5% of all proceeds to help provide Oakland public school teachers the resources they need to be successful in educating future entrepreneurs.

    Rockridge is a brand and a company. A reflection of today’s entrepreneurship culture and my passion. Join our tribe.

    Randy Wells
    Founder, Rockridge