Our approach to quality is a perfect blend of creativity and craftsmanship. We don't cut corners. We only work with the finest mills and ensure the fabric is the right weight and has the right hand and softness. The stitching (single-needle) is sewn the way we like it. All the little details like the main label, side gussets, and mother-of-other pearl buttons are obsessed over.

"Every Garment is Thoughtfully Considered and Intentionally Designed with Purpose."

Innovation is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology delivering the highest quality sustainably.

Each garment seamlessly incorporates signature design codes that are rooted in tradition and challenge the status quo. Orange gussets, Navy pixel "R" patch logo mark and the collar tape are distinctive details that distinguish Rockridge from others.

The brand signature colors orange conveys optimism, warmth and a rejuvenation of spirit. Navy represents trust and stability evoking the feelings of tradition, leadership, depth and sophistication.

  • navy button down shirt detail
  • rockridge buffalo shirt detail
  • blue Oxford button down shirt detail
  • grey polo shirt detail
  • rockridge zip hoodie detail
  • rockridge polo shirt detail

Focusing on ease, comfort and style our design philosophy is rooted in a uniform aesthetic inspired by local cycling clubs in and the prep schools in Los Angeles. Both reinforce the principles of discipline, rigor, teamwork, and commitment to excellence.