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The blue Oxford shirt indeed holds a special place in men's fashion, and its enduring popularity is attributed to several key factors. It's incredibly versatile, seamlessly transitioning from casual to more formal occasions. It can be paired with jeans for a laid-back look or worn under a suit for a polished appearance. Also, it has enduring appeal. It continues to stand the test of time maintaining cultural relevance across generations.

  • Ryan Gosling Rockridge
  • Kevin systrom

Who said this simple wardrobe staple can't be the star of the show?

The Oxford Button Down shirt has been a staple for more than half a century, worn by iconic figures like Ryan Gosling and Instagram Co-Founder, Kevin Systrom speaks to its enduring appeal and cultural relevance. Its versatility, and timeless design contribute to it being a wardrobe essential in men's closets. And we expect we’ll still be wearing it in another 50 years.

Oxford button down shirt detail

Locksley Button Down Shirt

Signature Collar Detail

Our version, which we call the Locksley, named after the street in Oakland the brand was started has all the characteristic elements of an Oxford shirt with a few more bells a whistles. From the rounded, button-down collar to its wonderfully diffuse shade of sky-blue (the result of two different colors of yarn – white and dark blue – being woven together in a basket-weave pattern). The material is a 5.5 ounces in weight with a soft hand.

blue Oxford shirt cuff

Locksley Button Down

Mietered Cuffs

Elevating it above the ordinary, our version features side pleats and a split yoke instead of the traditional box pleats. We also added mitered cuffs and our signature orange gussets, which speaks of a garment that is well crafted and built to last. Lastly, just to show a serious we take our craftsmanship we added a nice internal branding detail in the collar.

blue Oxford shirt detail

Locksley Button Down

Orange Gussets

A shirt gusset is a small triangular piece of fabric, that is inserted at the bottom side seams of a shirt. The purpose of shirt gussets is to reinforce and strengthen the area where the side seams meet the hem, enhancing the overall durability and longevity.